6 rules for the interior of a loft-style apartment

Hey! Today I will tell you how to create one of the most popular modern styles, it is especially popular among men. Let’s talk about loft. First, a small clarification, in general, to be precise, the loft is not the name of the style. This is simply a definition of space when a non-residential premises is converted into a residential one. Like, for example, there is no penthouse style – it’s just the definition of an apartment on the top floor with access to the roof. All over the world, the style we call a loft is called industrial. But, if I called the article differently, for example, how to create an industrial style in the interior, then I would be understood, judging by the Yandex query statistics, only 305 (!!!) people, and 16,000 people are interested in the loft (do you feel the difference?). Although, in fact, it means the same thing.
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