About me

Нелли Михайлова

Hello! I am Nelli Mikhailova, designer, decorator and secret graphomaniac. I live in Izhevsk. And you are on the page of my studio and author’s blog, where I share my thoughts about the art of interior decoration.

Here I write everything about what I would like I knew before my first repair, everything I learned in decorating and continue to study.

If you are familiar with the following problems, then you have come to the right address:

  • I have a lot of ideas in my head and it is not at all clear how to combine them into a single concept;
  • There is not enough space, it is not clear how to place everything and make it convenient and beautiful;
  • There is not enough money, it is not clear how to distribute it so that there is enough for everything;
  • I want something special, but from available materials;
  • It’s scary to go into a hardware store, there are so many things that my eyes widen and I don’t know what to choose.

I am a geographer by education. And when the question of education in the field of design arose, then, after weighing all the pros and cons, I decided to follow the path of self-education. I just did not find an adequate offer in terms of “price-quality” ratio.

I want to note that my opinion is not the ultimate truth, and if you disagree with something, then I will discuss it with pleasure. Perhaps after some time I myself will not agree with it 🙂

What can I offer as a designer to my clients?

I love modern, traditional, Scandinavian styles, American classics, loft, eclecticism. I like the color. Projects in these areas are the best for me.

I do not take high-tech, minimalism and high classics (baroque, rococo) projects. Nothing personal.